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The research in the group is focused on:

  • Physics of Viruses: Viruses are astounding biological particles with remarkable physical properties. In their simplest form they are just constituted by the genetic material (DNA or RNA) and a protective protein shell, or capsid. Our research focuses on the characterization of the different viral architectures and their mechanical properties from physical principles. In addition, we study the self-assembly of viral capsids and the different mechanisms of encaspulation and delivery of the genetic material.

  • Nucleation is the starting mechanisms behind most first-order phase transitions such as crystallization, condensation, or melting. This initial step of the phase transition has a tremendous influence on the growth dynamics and final structure of the emerging new phase. We study nucleation using molecular simulations and theory in collaboration with experimental groups.

  • Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics: In colaboration with several researchers we have developed a new framework named Mesoscopic Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics that offers a powerful way to describe the kinetics of systems out of equilibrium. The main research lines in this area are: mesoscopic nonequilibrium thermodynamics, stochastic processes, and diffusion in confined geometries and entropic effects.